About Us About Latvian Evaluation Society (LATES)

Latvian Evaluation Society (LATES) is NGO registered in 2012 in Latvia. Its primary objective is to develop evaluation culture in Latvia.

LATES goals are linked, firstly, with the quality of evaluation, through education and standards, through development and improvement of evaluation theory, practice and their use, through defining and implementing professional evaluation principles and standards. LATES aims also at promoting evaluation through fostering cooperation, promotion of dialogue and exchange of experiences between evaluators and evaluation users, through informing and educating the public on evaluation issues, as well as promoting international cooperation and exchange of experience with other evaluation associations, institutions and academic personal.

LATES targets at uniting independent evaluation experts, evaluators, evaluation clients and academic personal. LATES is open to both novice and advanced evaluation professionals, which share an interest in evaluation and the desire to promote and develop it in Latvia.